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Super Bowl 2008
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Majority Plan to Watch the Big Game but Feel Ignored by Advertisers
Marketing to Moms Coalition Puts Out a Call for H.E.R. Award Entries

January 21 2007, CHICAGO, IL -- She buys the beer, sets out the chips and plans the party, but a new survey shows that most moms feel uninvited to the Super Bowl. With more than 130 million Americans typically tuning in, most moms in America say they too are planning to watch the big game (80%), according to a new survey of moms by the Marketing to Moms Coalition.

In fact, more than half of moms surveyed say they are watching just to catch the ads (60%), yet more than three out of four (76%) say they don’t think the ads are targeting them. Since moms are responsible for the majority of purchases in this country – to the tune of $2.1 trillion – it’s no surprise that most moms (77%) think Super Bowl ads should be talking to them.

The survey was fielded by the Marketing to Moms Coalition; an independent industry group dedicated to helping corporations understand the needs and desires of mothers, and their status as the most important consumer segment in the U.S. Leaders of the Coalition believe the results should give marketers pause when planning their programs for future match-ups.

“The Super Bowl is an all-American affair, and moms around the country not only organize their families’ home-viewing parties, but are the segment of the market that actually purchase most of the products advertised during the game,” says Teri Lucie Thompson, Marketing to Moms Coalition board member and vice president of marketing for Safeco Insurance. “Whether it’s a snack food or a car, American women dominate consumption in virtually every consumer product category. And, even when products are geared specifically for men, marketers should keep in mind that it’s often the women in their lives that are actually picking the product and buying it.”

Moms Need a Good Laugh, Too
When asked what they wished to see in an ad, more than three out of four moms (76%) answered humor that they can relate to, while 67 percent want to see ads that acknowledge their feats in multitasking every day. Two out of three (62%) want to see families interacting together as part of commercials.

“No one needs a good laugh more than a stressed-out mom,” said Thompson. “Humor works to make your message resonate, but it’s not something you often see in advertising that speaks to women and moms.”

Marketing to Moms Coalition Super Bowl Survey

Kids Are Watching, Too
Another audience to keep in mind is kids. According to the survey, more than two out of three moms (61%) will watch the game and the ads with their children but the jury is out on whether the ads are appropriate for their viewing. Roughly 44 percent of moms say the ads are not appropriate for their kids to see, while 54 percent say they are ok with the content in most Super Bowl ads for their children. When asked who else moms will watch the game with, 75 percent said their spouses, 45% said friends and 14 percent will watch alone.

Marketing to Moms Coalition Calls for H.E.R. Awards
Do you have a favorite marketing campaign that is effectively reaching moms in America? The Marketing to Moms Coalition is accepting nominees for the second annual H.E.R. Award. The award recognizes marketing campaigns that honor, respect and empower mothers. Winners will be chosen each April for a program that has been executed within the last 12 months. Last year’s recipient was the Whirlpool Brand for its integrated approach in reaching moms, including:
The Whirlpool Brand Mother of Invention Grant –A program that gives mothers the chance to turn their invention, business or service ideas into reality through seed money, prizes and business training.
Whirlpool Brand American Family Podcasts – A series that explores a range of issues affecting today’s families, including topics such as parenting, education, career, health and relationships.

Whirlpool Habitat for Humanity Partnership – A long-standing program through which Whirlpool brand donates a refrigerator and range to every new Habitat home in North America
“I Don’t Do Dishes™” with OPI – An innovative partnership with OPI Nail Lacquers to promote a new Whirlpool Gold dishwasher with PowerScour™ technology which helps save manicures.
Whirlpool brand “Inspired by You” television advertising campaign – A series of visually beautiful vignettes with the tagline, “There’s more to every day than just laundry.”

For more information about the Super Bowl Survey, H.E.R. Award program or the Marketing to Moms Coalition, go to

About The Super Bowl Survey
The 2008 Super Bowl Survey was commissioned by the Marketing to Moms Coalition; an independent industry group dedicated to helping corporations understand the needs and desires of mom, and their status as the most important consumer segment in the U.S. The survey respondents included 370 mothers of children under the age of 18 living at home. Respondents represent a cross-section of household incomes, marital status and regions of the country. Mom respondents represent a mix of full-time working moms outside of the home, part-time employed moms, work-from-home moms and full-time home caretakers. The survey was fielded nationwide during the month of January 2008.

About the Marketing to Moms Coalition
The Marketing to Moms Coalition is an independent organization dedicated to supporting and promoting an understanding of mothers as the most powerful consumer group in the U.S. A resource to industry professionals, the Coalition provides insights, identifies trends, connects members and recognizes companies and brands that honor, empower and respect mothers. The Coalition’s founding members are Maria Bailey, BSM Media; Bridget Brennan, Female Factor; Michal Clements, Insight to Action; Amy Colton, Current Lifestyle Marketing; and Teri Lucie Thompson, Safeco Insurance.

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